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Duration : 3 Nights / 4 Days

Destinations Covered : Jaisalmer - sand dunes - Damodara - Kuldhara - Jaisalmer

Rajasthan Camel Safaris : In the 16th century traders in camel caravans crossed the mountains to the n along well trodden paths , laden with precious jewels and spices.

Today camel safaris attempt to recreated something to that spirit of adventure, The that desert with its vast stretches of sand, dotted with dunes and its own specially adapted shrubs and wildlife is ideal territory's The guides are expert navigators on the way and colour to an unforgettable experience If you are prepared to sit out the somewhat uncomfortable ride.

Day 1: Jaisalmer

After breakfast start by camel from JAISALMER for badabagh. Badabagh is the site of the royal cenotaphs of the Bhati Rajput kings (the then rulers of Jaisalmer). We reach Ramakunda for Lunch. Ramkunda, which is considered as a holy place. It has beautiful landscapes and several Hindu temples. After lunch reach ludharva via Ropsi. Roopsi is a maxed caste village with mud and stick houses with traditional decorative paintings and mirror works. Ludharva, the ancient capital of the Bhati Rajput Kings, where there is a beautiful Jain temple. Dinner and overnight in tents.

Day 2: Jodhpur - Jaipur

After breakfast travel to peerawala for lunch. Peerawala is the oasis and there are beautiful agricultural fields. After lunch reach sand-dunes via Kanoi, Konai is a typical carpenter village. Here you can see and buy beautiful carved wooden items. Reach sand dunes before dinner. Dinner, campfire, traditional folk music and overnight at sand dunes.

Day 3: Sand dunes - Damodara - Kuldhara

After breakfast start for Damodara for lunch via Beri of Kanoi. Beri of kanoi is the place where there are many water wells. From the Beri, nearby villagers are collecting water. Here you can see how the village ladies are balancing the water pot on their head as well as the colorful dresses of the ladies and traditional and desert ornaments which they are wearing. Damodara is a traditional village of former Rajputs Kings. Here you will have an opportunity to see the colourful lifestyle of the traditionally dressed men and women as well as see and learn about the intrically constructed mirror works in the mud houses. lunch at Damodara.

After lunch reach Kuldhara before Dinner. Kuldhara is an abandoned Paliwal Brahmins village. Paliwal Brahmins has been fled from 84 villages in one night due to the torture of the then Prime Minister, Salem Singh. This is one if those villages where you can see the ancient structure of the planning of different style village. Dinner, campfire and overnight at Kuldhara.

Day 4: Kuldhara - Jaisalmer

After breakfast leave for JAISALMER via Mool sagar and Amar sagar. Moolsagar is a beautiful garden and there you can also see a beautifully stone carved rest house of the then Maharaja Moolraj II. Maharaja Moolraj was using this garden as a picnic place. Here there is a vegetable garden too. Amar sagar is also a garden built by Maharajah Amar singh. There is a small lake where the the rain water collects and a beautifully stone carved and nice miniature painting walled Jain Temple. Lunch at Amar sagar.

After lunch reach JAISALMER around 5:00 P.M .

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